Tell me about some of your most cherished friendships? What has made them so special?
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One of my most cherished friendships was my old friend Mikey who I grew up with and who I knew since I was born. Mikey’s dad and my dad were best friends you see and Mikey and I were the same age. Well, actually, I am 4 months older than Mikey which has always seemed to be so significant and it was something we would always point out to people we met. We still do to this day actually haha. The thing about me and Mikey was we had the same silly sense of humour and we were pretty daft to be honest, putting on daft performances of Monty Python for the families and such. But we always had each other’s backs and no matter what situation I always knew Mikey would look out for me so he was more like a brother in many ways. As I was a girl and Mikey a boy a lot of adults back then would think that we were suited as boyfriend and girlfriend but that was never, EVER on the cards for me and Mikey. We were best mates and that was that. No one messed with us and no matter what happened we would always cheer the other up when they were down. Sure, we’d fight like cat and dog at times but the best thing about us two was that we never let the sun go down on an argument. Within 10 minutes we’d both say sorry, hug and make up then carry on like nothing had happened. No one could make me laugh the way Mikey could and his impressions of George Formby singing ‘I’m leaning on a lamppost on the corner of the street’ still gets me to this day. I’m so glad that through it all we’ve remained good mates all these years and he’s turned out to be such a nice guy and a good husband to his wife…..the little shit! Ha! 🙂

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