Do you have a favourite story you remember most from your childhood?
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One of my greatest memories from my childhood was going to see Joseph and the AmazingTechnicolor Dreamcoat at the Leeds Grand Theatre. Must have been 1975. I could never forget because the show had come earlier that year, in January I think, and we couldn’t go at that time because me and my little sister Jeanie, who was 10, got the flu really bad and we were heartbroken because all we wanted to do was go see Joseph.

Yet all was not lost as the show was such a success they decided to come back in July that year to do the show for another week! So that meant that we could go!! And on top of it all I was so excited because it was my birthday week, 18th of July 1975, when I’d turn 12. This was one of my most favourite memories because I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to get to see Joseph and on my birthday week too. What more could a little girl want!

Jeanie and I were so excited we would not stop running around singing ‘Any Dream Will Do’ and Mum made us the best little outfits out of bits of material she had lying around and so we had the most amazing matching technicolor capes and we really thought we were the bees knees! When we actually went to see the show, we cheered and sang so loud all the way through with all the other kids in the theatre and I really felt like Joseph was singing directly to me at one point. I think it was the best birthday I’d ever had!

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