Secure Family Memories For Generations to Come!

Your loved one deserves a gift unlike any other. In a few simple steps, give them a unique storybook about their special life journey with meaningful photos and memories, and enable them to pass it down to future generations.

How We Help You

There are many ways to capture your own life stories; interviews, questionnaires, and recordings. But capturing a life story in a beautiful, easy-to-read format is still a difficult and time-consuming process.

What if there was a way to capture your life story easily?
A way that offers you a lovely hardbound book of your life?
A way that lets you choose all the areas of your life you would like to write about?

YourStory has created the easiest way to capture your life stories. 
Using our service, you can create a full-colour book that tells your life story on a timeline that suits you. No need for expensive software or editors or interviewers – everything you need to record your story is here – however many questions you want to answer – whenever you want to do it. 

All at an affordable price that allows for memorable books to be made for you, your friends and your family.

What people say about YourStory

Jess Roundhouse

"Mum loved it, and so did we! She wasn't sure she had any stories to start with, but the questions helped, and she created a book that we will keep forever. Thanks!."

Marget Taylor

"My family live all over the place now, so it was fantastic to write down my memories and get the book sent to them - they absolutely loved reading them, even my son got emotional!"

Marie Evans

"Not really something I’d thought of before, but I’m really glad I did it, I remembered things I thought were long forgotten. I will probably keep adding stories over the next few years and print a new one later in life."

3 Simple Steps

Personalised books are still a rare thing, and yet so special for people to write and read. Having an easy way for you to record your life for future generations just makes sense. You don’t want to be interviewed, or have people come to your home – so instead we simply send the questions over by email and you can answer them at your own pace whilst feeling comfortable in your own home. We provide categories of questions around life’s major themes and you can pick and choose any that you’d like to answer. If you’d rather make it as easy as possible, our ‘Perfect Path‘ questions give you the set of questions most often chosen by our customers – to help you get started quickly.

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Step 1

Choose the questions and themes that they would like to write about.


Step 2

They reply to the questions that will be sent to them via email, on a regular schedule that they can choose.


Step 3

We store their stories, privately and securely, before creating a wonderful book for them, that we print and send out to them and anyone else they would like. As the Gift giver – if you would like to be involved, or help them at any stage, you can select to do this – our customers use this feature a lot to help their loved ones.

Our Questions Bring Out Your Most Precious Memories

To help guide your Story, choose your questions from our easy to use categories across all aspects of life – or create your own whenever you want!
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Example Questions

Your Story Benefits

Full privacy and Security - No one but the Story writer will see their stories until they print the book (unless they add someone to help them)

If they can reply to an email or use the internet, they can create a book with us.

Worried that they might not use this gift? If the gift receiver doesn’t think they can use our Memory Keepsake Generator, we’ll refund you within 30 days.

Their Stories and Memories shared with all of their loved ones.

Choose the areas of life that they’d like to focus on.

UK Based, Family Run, Great Customer Support.

Create a Keepsake for generations.

Easy to use, whether young or old.

Affordable and transparent pricing.

Go at their own pace - no stress or worry.


You will support the Alzheimer's Society directly as we donate to them for for every book published.

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Your Amazing Book

Your full-colour book, will be printed on high quality coated paper, inside a lovely hardback cover. You choose your Title and Cover photo, as well as all the photos that go alongside each story.

Happy little girl with grandfather reading story book at home

Stories T0 Inspire

Do you need some inspiration on what to write, and how that might look? Read a selection of stories kindly provided by our previous customers from their own treasured books.


One of my greatest memories from my childhood was going to see Joseph and the AmazingTechnicolor Dreamcoat at the Leeds Grand Theatre. Must have been 1975. I could never forget because the show had come earlier that year, in January I think, and we...


One of my most cherished friendships was my old friend Mikey who I grew up with and who I knew since I was born. Mikey’s dad and my dad were best friends you see and Mikey and I were the same age. Well, actually,...


Some of the best advice I wish I had taken from my parents was to ‘Practise what you Preach’ and ‘There's nothing worse than a hypocrite lad’ they used to always say. It was so very important to our parents that you believe in,...

Great Memories

I’ve got so many funny memories but one of the funniest was at my Uncle Paul’s wedding back in 1976. Uncle Paul was marrying Auntie Sarah and they’d met down at the local jazz club in Canterbury a year or so before. I was...

Growing Up

My Mum was a very warm-hearted and caring lady who would always be there to help anyone who needed it. Being a single Mum I remember she worked so hard not only raising us three kids but also working two jobs. She worked as...

Frequently asked questions


Anyone who is looking to record their own life story, or that of a loved one – including all of their favourite stories, pictures if you have them, and wants to create an incredible book to be kept for generations.
It’s really straightforward!
Choose from our expertly selected list of questions and categories to help you tell the stories that matter to you or your loved ones, or create your own unique questions.
We’ll email you those questions as often as you like (most people chosse 1 or 2 a week).
You just reply to that email with your story, and we collect it, storing it safely and securely.
Once you have answered as many questions as you’d like, we pull all your answers into a book format and you can review it plus add any pictures you want.
Once you are happy with your story we then lovingly bind into a hardcopy colour book and send out as many copies as you request, in the post.
At any time you can log onto your Dashboard, at a time that suits you, to track which answers have been submitted, see which questions are coming up and amend either your submitted stories, or your future questions
This is up to you! The key things that effect the timeline are how many stories you’d like to tell, how often you tell your stories, and how much you write for each!
We’ve had our storytellers complete their book in as little as 6 week, and some take a year – it’s very individual.
Your time, Your Location. You are in control of when and where you choose to complete the process. Whether it be in the privacy of your home over a cup of tea or on the hop wherever you have access to the internet! This avoids the need to invite a stranger into your home when using a traditional autobiographer 1:1 interviews – something people have told us time and again they don’t want to do.

Your Personalised Story. It is a uniquely personal set of questions. You ultimately decide on the questions included or not included, so they are completely relevant to your life.

Your Ease. We’re committed to making the process of documenting your life story easy! With an easy email system, a user-friendly portal and easy to navigate pages, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. Plus our Customer Support is amazing as well!

Your privacy. Each story can only be viewed by the person submitting their life story and/or the gift giver (if bought for someone else). We at YourStory do not access any of the information submitted (text or photo) unless you ask us to log into your account to help with any issues.

Your money. Take the autobiography journey into your own hands and save thousands of pounds in the process when compared to any other method of currently writing an autobiography or telling life stories.
An email address, a device to access that email address and some internet! That’s it.
Yes! The editing process is in your hands, so once you’re happy with it, we will send it off to the printers from where it will be sent directly to you. We can support you throughout all of this process and have built it all to be as straightforward as possible.
Only you do. We take privacy and confidentiality seriously. This is one of the advantages to being in control of your own story. The storyteller and gift giver (if bought as a gift for someone else) are the only people with access to your stories. If you need us to access your stories to help with any issues, we will need your permission first.

We adhere to all Data Protection policies and for total security we have chosen to partner with the team that secures the data for Apple, BMW, Disney, Financial Times, Harvard medical School and many more top tier firms – that’s how seriously we take it.
Yes, as a gift giver, as long as they have allowed it, you also have access to the portal.
The beautiful book you will treasure is 7.44in wide x 9.68in high or (189mm x 246mm). The depth of the book will be defined by how many pages are written, and can be up to 500 pages in depth.
This is a lovely size for the bookshelf or coffee table.
Yes. You can choose from two different cover designs and also personalise it with your own Title and photo.
Yes. You can add extra copies at the checkout at the end of the process for all the family to treasure!
After completion of your book we will keep your stories on file for 3 months should you want to get a digital copy, or order more books. After that we can keep the book ready for you on an ongoing basis for a small charge.
We’re committed to making this an easy process.
If you have a question or need help just reach out to our and someone will get back to you within a few hours.
Yes! This is the most popular way to record a loved one’s life story and you can purchase an extra copy of the story book at the end of the process.
As the gift giver, you also gain access to the dashboard and you can help oversee the choice of questions and stories submitted by your loved one.
Of course, you can always buy this for yourself.

You will never buy a gift as unique as this, or give someone a book that they will love more.