"Mum loved it! She wasn't sure she had any stories to start with, but the questions helped, and she created a book that we will keep forever"
- Jess R, 5* Review
Mum and Daughter

Secure Family Memories For Generations to Come!

Gathering a first-hand account of your family’s life stories into a wonderful book isn’t a struggle with our Memory Keepsake Generator™, saving you the need to find ‘free time’ to get your parents to talk about, or write, accounts of their life…



Collecting the stories of your parent’s life before it’s too late is a precious task, but it can seem like an impossible one, that never makes it off the to-do list.  Family life has a way of making the days spin by and the idea of writing down your parent’s life stories feels unachievable.


It’s hard to figure out where to start recording a loved one’s life memories, in their own words, even though you are longing to have the ability to keep these safely tucked away or even pass the unique stories onto your own children in time.


The odd snippets of conversation and stories remembered when chatting to your Mum or Dad are a frequent reminder of the need to capture these memories before it is no longer an option, and it’s a common belief that life stories get lost over time – but this doesn’t need to be the case!

That's where we can help!

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"An insight into who Dad really is, in his own words!"


Tell The Stories Of A Lifetime, Simply and easily, in a beautiful Keepsake book that will be treasured forever

What's Included?

Get all of this for just £149

Our research shows that producing this with a biography company will cost you £2,000 – £15,000 – a price we could not have paid!

We developed this service to make saving your families’ stories as accessible as possible.

What our Customers say about YourStory

"I'm so, so, pleased we bought this for my Dad"

The process was super super simple, and lots of fun as well!


RH Introducing

Tell The Stories Of A Lifetime, Simply And Easily, In A Beautiful Keepsake Book That Will Be Treasured Forever

We understand the struggle you’re facing: the invaluable task of preserving your parents’ stories feels monumental and at times insurmountable. Days blur into weeks, and life’s hectic pace leaves little room for deeply personal projects that end up never making it off your to-do list.

The one common theme we see among daughters and sons is that they can’t find an easy way to capture those stories that their parents will find enjoyable…

But, what if it doesn’t have to be this way?

If you listen to your parents reminisce about their past and each story gives you a jolt, reminding you of the precious, unrecorded history slipping away – then YourStory can help!

We created the Memory Keepsake Generator to ensure that no memory fades into the ether, and no story is left untold. We know how this feels, we’ve been there!

With YourStory you can preserve the past whilst at the same time celebrating lives, cherishing memories, and creating a legacy. Within 90 Days you can have your parent’s stories written into a book, easily and enjoyably.

Our innovative and easy-to-use platform allows your parents to answer questions and share stories at their own pace, in the comfort of their home. Their memories will then be transformed into a beautiful, hardbound book, a timeless keepsake that will become a family heirloom.

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Enable your parents to create their own legacy, rather than leaving their future generations to find out about them through character-lacking government records, small local press stories or inaccurate memories.

Embrace the priceless opportunity to create a lasting treasure for your loved ones today, because as we all know – tomorrow is not promised. The time is now to honour the ones you hold dear and ensure that their legacy lives on forever. Don’t wait for tomorrow, seize the moment and create a gift that will bring joy, connection, and a profound sense of belonging to your family.

Wisdom Across Generations: This gift allows your parent to share their wisdom with younger generations, offering insights into life lessons, values, and experiences. It’s more than a book – it’s a treasure trove of life wisdom to be passed down

“Love your family, spend time, be kind, and serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised, and today is short.”

RH Simple Steps

Our Memory Keepsake Generator™ takes your parent on a simple journey from answering their first question to printing their unique collection of life stories.

1. Guided Storytelling

First, after giving us the details – including choosing the exact moment when you would like this gift to be emailed over – we’ll give your parent access so they can choose to get started straight away! You also have access to their online dashboard to oversee the process without needing to get hands on.

2. Choose Your Stories

Your parent will have the opportunity to choose each question they would like included from our varied selection of life categories, or alternatively they may wish to use our especially chosen set of ‘Perfect Path’ questions to take the effort out of deciding.

3. Decide How Often

Now they have access to our Memory Keepsake Generator™ they can either get going immediately OR choose for us to email them however often they wish, with one of their questions.  All they need to do is answer those questions with their stories and anecdotes and their story will be automatically loaded into their book!  They can also upload photos with each question, to make the memories even more special.

4. We prompt as you go

We also send frequent prompts to keep your loved one motivated and on course to complete their book, saving you the mental load of keeping track of progress. Most storytellers get a completed book within 90-180 days using this process, compared to years or perhaps never, trying to do it themselves

5. Simple Design Choices

Once they have gathered a wonderful collection of their most treasured memories, they can choose the design of their book.  This includes how the individual pages and photos will look and the cover of their book.

6. Print and Enjoy

Next, once they have checked they are completely happy with the content, their book will be sent to the printers.  Their compilation of unique family memories will be published and sent to their door, including yours too if you want a copy!

Our Memory Keepsake Generator™ has been designed to deliver the gift of everlasting memories, whilst saving you hundreds of hours of manually gathering the stories yourself and easily taking this task off your lingering to-do list. The result is that you can enjoy the feeling of having safely converted intangible family memories into a beautiful book you can hold in your hands, for generations to come.
About us

Hi! Alyson here!

Your Story was born out of a desire to keep our family memories alive. Having experienced our Dad passing young, and witnessing our Nana’s Alzheimer’s journey, we are all too aware of the need to preserve life stories before the opportunity is no longer there to ask loved ones about them. It’s also a handy way of setting the record straight in case some relatives remember things a little differently from you!

We’re a UK based, sister/brother-run business, deeply committed to helping you preserve the unique tapestry of your family stories. Having a background in Speech and Language Therapy, I have been privileged to work with people in helping to improve their communication journey. The ability to communicate and get your message across is at the heart of all our life experiences. Having a ‘voice’ through life allows us to convey our adventures from the smallest of details to the all important big things and everything in between!


Our lovingly designed Memory Keepsake Generator™ helps create storybooks full of life’s memorable events, ensuring they are not forgotten, serving as a permanent keepsake for loved ones to cherish and are there for future generations to discover! No one will tell your loved one’s life memories better than them in their own words!

YourStory isn’t just a service; it’s a gift of love, a gift of memories, and a gift of legacy, and with our transparent pricing, we’ve ensured that this gift is affordable, making it possible for you to offer your parents a unique opportunity to share their life story

Don't Let Your Parents' Unforgettable Stories Fade Away

Six months from now, you could still be struggling to find the time to sit down with your parents and record their life stories… struggling to organise those precious memories in a meaningful way, and struggling to create a lasting, tangible record of their life journeys.

Or… you could be flipping through the beautifully bound pages of their life stories generated through our Memory Keepsake Generator™ … with cherished memories and valuable life lessons preserved forever.

Remember this:

– YourStory is not just a book, it’s a legacy of your parents’ lives passed down to future generations.

– No need to wrestle with recording devices, transcription software, or publishing services.

– Everything you need to encapsulate the essence of your parents’ lives into a beautiful keepsake is right here, for an affordable and transparent price that is 10-50 times less than a biographer!

Dad and Daughter
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Your Money-Back Guarantee

At YourStory, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of preserving memories. That’s why we offer a rock-solid guarantee on our Memory Keepsake Generator. We want you and your parent to experience the joy of capturing their treasured life stories and creating an heirloom that will be cherished for generations to come.

With our Memory Keepsake Generator, your parent can embark on this meaningful journey immediately, relishing in the process of preserving their unique life experiences. However, if for any reason they or you feel that this isn’t the right fit, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Simply reach out to our dedicated Support team within 30 days of receiving the gift, and we’ll gladly provide you with a full refund. We want you to feel completely satisfied and confident in your decision to embark on this unforgettable creation with YourStory.

Capture the memories, create the heirloom, and embark on a journey that will be treasured for a lifetime. Start your story with YourStory today.


We’ve created a streamlined process which takes your parent on a journey from answering their first question to printing their unique collection of life stories.

Guided Storytelling

With our ‘Perfect Path‘ feature, your parent can navigate through a selection of popular questions ensuring a meaningful story unfolds. They can also create their own questions, tailoring the book to their personal journey. And can write anything from 20 to 500 pages!

Comfort and Convenience

No need for interviews or house calls. Your parent can select their preferred questions and answer them at their own pace, in the comfort of their home. We’ve made the storytelling process stress-free and intimate.


Exceptional Support

We’re a family-run business based in the UK, committed to offering great customer support throughout the storytelling journey. We’re here to help your parent and you every step of the way


Easy to do

If your parent can reply to an email or browse the internet, they can create a book with us. Our service is user-friendly, ensuring anyone can successfully navigate the process with 96% of storytellers recommending us as easy to use


Colour Photos

Your parent gets to choose the photos that go alongside each story in their full-color book. This feature adds a personal touch and visual dimension to their narrative.

Respect for Privacy

Your parent’s stories are their own until they choose to print the book. We promise full privacy and security throughout the process, safeguarding their memories.


Gift of Giving

Each book created is not only a personal memoir but also a contribution to a good cause. We donate to the Alzheimer’s Society for every book published, making your parent’s story wonderfully valuable to many more families.